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Claire Gavin 


Claire is a Health Professional, Certified Life Coaching specializing in Emotional and Transitional coaching. 
Claire’s passion for helping people came at a young age. She became a Registered Massage Therapist in her early twenties. And loved being able to help people on a physical level. She went on to own and operate her own practice for tens years. She also got involved with education, became an instructor for a few years as well as worked for the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.  
After 12 years of practice, Claire decided to become a Certified Life Coach. She wanted to help people in more than just a physical way but with their emotional wellness as well. Over the years Claire has worked with many people of all ages supporting them through their journey. 

Today more than ever, Claire has seen the importance of her job ad a coach. People are really struggling, feeling stuck and scared about their future.    

Claire has created a great 6-week introduction to coaching program that shows you what coaching is all about and how it can help. If you have ever wanted to work with a coach but was not sure what to expect then book a free discovery call with Claire to learn more.

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