Nancy Brooker

Life Coach


For almost 40 years I lived from a place of fear, scared to use my voice, scared of not living up to what other people expected of me, scared to take risks.

A diagnosis of Graves Disease changed everything for me … even my body was telling me to find my voice and to trust myself.  I  knew I had to start saying YES to myself, to believe in myself.  My journey of self discovery allowed me to take control of my health ... I did the research, talked to the experts but in the end, I trusted my gut and did what was right for me. 

Even though I had a dismal prognosis from my doctor, I am now 6+ years in remission. The experience has been powerful for me in so many ways that I have become Certified as a Master Life Coach.  I am also an author and a speaker.  These days, I get to help others reclaim authenticity and purpose in all aspects of their lives so they can move forward with calm, confidence and a renewed energy for living.

If you want to: - Get clarity on what you really want - the GPS only works when you know where you are and where you’re going - Identify what is underneath that nagging feeling that something is missing.