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What to expect!

We can all use a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to this journey of self-discovery we call life!  Whether your goal is to improve your relationships, find your confidence, manage a transition in your life, change your career, or anything in between, a life coach can help you identify where you are now, where you want to be, what is stopping you. Nancy will help you find the resources you need to reach your goal and how to move forward with calm, confidence, and a renewed energy for living!

  • Get clarity on what you really want - the GPS only works when you know where you are and where you’re going.

  • Identify what is underneath that nagging feeling that something is missing.

  • Connect with your spark - build on top of the strengths and passions you have.

  • Deepen your connection with yourself and the important people in your life

  • Have more energy leftover to have fun and be happy and identify what that means to you

  • So much more! Powerful techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting, Neuro Linguistic Programing, and Activation Method Life Coaching are involved in sessions.

How can Life Coaching Help?

Happy Girl

Personal Development

Gain clarity on what you want, what’s holding you back and the small steps you can take to move towards your dreams

Happy Family


Break painful habits and learn skills and resources that will transform your relationships.

Healthy Woman


Uncover and shift self limiting beliefs so you can feel calm, confident and energized  

Stressed Man


Our beliefs around money create our financial realities.  Uncover and release beliefs that are limiting you, and feel empowered and confident in your financial decisions



Rediscover your true self, uncover and release unconscious blocks, and experience the joys of living in alignment with your true heart.

Girls Having Fun

Fun & Recreation

Let go of guilt and fear that stop you from exploring what makes you happy and start doing things that bring you joy.


About your Coach

For almost 40 years I lived from a place of fear, scared to use my voice, scared of not living up to what other people expected of me, scared to take risks.

A diagnosis of Graves Disease changed everything for me … even my body was telling me to find my voice and to trust myself.  I  knew I had to start saying YES to myself, to believe in myself.  My journey of self discovery allowed me to take control of my health ... I did the research, talked to the experts but in the end, I trusted my gut and did what was right for me. 

Even though I had a dismal prognosis from my doctor, I am now 6+ years in remission. The experience has been powerful for me in so many ways that I have become Certified as a Master Life Coach.  I am also an author and a speaker.  These days, I get to help others reclaim authenticity and purpose in all aspects of their lives so they can move forward with calm, confidence and a renewed energy for living.

“ I just wanted to express my deepest thanks for taking me on a journey I needed to travel.  I would have never gotten there without your kindness, encouragement, non-judgment and love.  You have found your true calling my friend.  I look forward to the next chapter in my healing and unfolding of the delights that await in my life” 

—  Joanne Poluch

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Ready To Get HEALTHY?




“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

 14th Dalai Lama