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Nancy Brooker,

EFT Practitioner


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What to expect!

Emotional Freedom Techniques, sometimes called ‘tapping’ is an evidence-based mind-body approach to releasing stuck energy in the mind-body system.  It combines gentle tapping on acupressure points that are close to the surface of the body with mindful and vocal attention to our thoughts and feelings.

  • Based on the principle that physical pain and mental well-being are fully connected, tapping on meridian endpoints while addressing the problem verbally and mentally will release blocked energy.

  • Focusing the negative emotion (fear, anxiety, worry, bad memory) and using fingertips to tap on the 9 specific points of the body.

  • Body's energy and brain limbic's systems are involved to stimulate your emotions and beliefs and that would change your physical and mental health 

  • Tapping allows us to process and transform uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, and anger so that we can come out on the other side feeling lighter, more hopeful, and having more clarity of mind.

  • Nancy Brooker, EFT Practitioner offers virtual visits

**EFT is NOT a replacement for professional medical or mental health advice, or for common sense and good judgment.  It does not replace a licensed medical/mental health caregiver

Whats are the benefits?

Tapping Therapy helps to prevent and/or promote improvement in the following conditions.

Stressed Woman

Stress & Anxiety

Reduce the stress response so you can think clearly and experience more joy in your life. 

Looking Sharp

Body Image

Love and accept the body you’re in while using EFT to release the subconscious blocks that stop you from taking care of yourself

Woman with Bare Back

Fear & Phobias

Let go of fears and phobias that limit you in experiencing life to its fullest


Healing Trauma

EFT is a gentle tool that allows you to uncover the many layers and aspects that may be connected with trauma, and work through them systematically and effectively until their emotional charge has gone.

Stomach Pain

Pain Relief

Get relief from physical pain that is limiting your ability to lead a full life

Back Massage


Ready To Get HEALTHY?




You deserve to LIVE 

well! You are worth it!

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