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Discover our CEO of your Health Hub, your go-to resource for all things preventative health. Learn tips, tools, and strategies from a wide range of trusted healthcare professionals on various aspects of wellness, including mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Access engaging, effective, and easy-to-implement content, empowering you to make informed decisions about your health.

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We believe accurate and comprehensive bone health analysis and preventative health education should be accessible to everyone.

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REMS Bone Scan: Understanding your bone health status

As a passionate RMT who has worked in the arena of musculoskeletal health for 3 decades, I have witnessed first-hand how musculoskeletal health is the foundation of our overall health as it impacts every other system of the body. That is why I am excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with OSTEOSOUND to become not only the trusted leaders in bone health analysis but also preventative health education.

We provide bone health analysis as early as age 21 by using a Health Canada-approved, radiation-free, mobile device called the Echolight Echo S. This device uses innovative technology called R.E.M.S. (Radiofrequency Echographic Multi-Spectrometry), which combines ultrasound and radiofrequency to measure both the quantity and quality of bones. Take proactive steps to prevent osteoporosis and fractures, ensuring a strong foundation for your overall well-being.

Marg's Must haves

Marg’s Must Haves

Explore our suggested resources and products that we personally use and love for our own preventative health practices. From supplements and complementary therapies to books and mindfulness tools, we have curated a collection of items that align with our philosophy of preventive health and holistic well-being. These recommendations are based on our own experiences and expertise, years of positive clinical outcomes with our clients and we are now providing you with the opportunity to add them to your preventative health toolbox to enhance your health and wellness journey.

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