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As a mom of a child and former wife of two husbands affected by addiction, I understand the grief, suffering and feelings of helplessness. My journey of loving my loved ones in addiction, and hitting my own rock bottom led me to my own healing, recovery and life purpose. I founded Enable No More as a movement to break the stigma of addiction and empower those who have become tangled in the traps of trauma, enabling and codependency. The traps are complex and challenging cycles that are difficult to identify and escape, impacting individuals' and their families' mental, physical and spiritual well-being. We provide holistic Recovery Coaching Programs to support mothers (and, therefore, families) affected by the traps of addiction. We teach A New Way to Love, Think and Live to break free from destructive cycles, reclaim control, and heal. Our mission is to bring education, awareness, tools and strategies to help families understand the root cause and traps of addiction to heal and recover mind, body and soul. This, in turn, encourages long-term family recovery. To learn more, watch my Finding Balance Documentary. https://findingbalancefilm.com/ It’s a revolution in self-care and mental wellness, along with my book A Bigger Mission, a journey with twelve authors who share their stories of standing tall amidst chaos and transforming their lives. When we heal ourselves, we can better support and help others heal. There is greater power in families who can recover together.



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